Trial Services

At O’Neill, Heinrich, Damkroger, Bergmeyer & Shultz, P.C., L.L.O., we pride ourselves on our ability to resolve issues in a timely and efficient manner. Our lawyers recognize that the method selected to resolve a dispute must involve an informed cost benefit analysis by our clients. When we represent a client in a civil conflict, our primary goal is to effect a timely resolution of the legal dispute in the most beneficial manner available to our client. To achieve this goal, cost, potential results, business impact and future options are analyzed with care.

The means for reaching the successful resolution of a dispute are varied. The methods used by OHDBS Law include negotiation, mediation, arbitration and trial. The most appropriate method is pursued in each individual case after analysis and consultation with our client.

While OHDBS Law focuses on early and satisfactory dispute resolution, there are times when disputes can only be resolved through a trial. The Firm’s trial lawyers have extensive courtroom experience, and will pursue trial vigorously to protect and defend the best interests of our clients.


The attorneys at OHDBS Law are experienced in matters involving insurance, including analysis of insurance coverage questions, and the availability and limitations of benefits under various types of plans and policies, including casualty, automobile, and life and health policies.

Personal Injury

The trial lawyers at OHDBS Law have experience in handling personal injury claims of all types, including automobile, motorcycle and bicycle collisions, slip and fall or premises liability, and public carrier liability. The Firm has represented injured persons in various types of personal injury cases.

Commercial Litigation

The Firm’s involvement in this area ranges from complex contractual disputes on multimillion dollar projects to prosecution or defense of mechanic’s lien claims on commercial and residential properties. The lawyers at OHDBS Law are also regularly involved in complex commercial cases involving failed transactions, partnership and securities disputes, securities litigation and commercial fraud.

Freight Claims

OHDBS Law represents various freight carriers and shippers. We have been at the forefront in many areas of the law dealing with carrier liability for goods lost or damaged in transit.

Utility Regulation And Rates

OHDBS Law enjoys a substantial involvement in representing the interests of both utilities and consumers in matters pertaining to utility regulation and rate-making. Utility services include motor carriers (freight and passenger), telephone, and natural gas. We represent utility and consumer interests before local and state agencies and courts.


Appeals are handled by OHDBS Law at all levels, in all state and federal courts. This includes appeals from decisions of courts of general jurisdiction and from decisions of regulatory bodies.